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A Global
Retail Property

As a free to use master ecosystem for the retail property industry globally, Occupi is changing the way that leasing is transacted. Our fully digitized technology provides a turnkey rental marketplace solution for landlords and retailers alike. Offering virtual video tours, self showing, through to agreeing terms and closing deals online, Occupi seeks to simplify and strengthen the virtual listing to lease process.

Our technology not only increases visibility and transparency of vacant space globally, but also encourages cross border retail expansion of new to market brands. Occupi is accelerating real asset growth by activating space, reducing vacancy and driving efficiency. As a natural consequence of Occupi, we will uncover new synergies, and strengthen relationships, between brands and landlords. ​

Supporting our clients in creating meaningful and memorable personalised customer experiences across all channels and types, core and non-core, digital and physical. We optimise leasing, drive speed and efficiency of process, whilst improving diversity and increasing occupancy. Our platform is becoming the global hub for retail space activation, whilst reducing costs and increasing income, all grounded in the P&L and financial strength of the business.​

We have extensive partnerships with leading global developers and landlords globally. Occupi is a rapidly expanding business model, which is evolving to be the go-to leasing resource for organizations worldwide.

Our Mission Is to Help Retailers Find Homes.

While many mall owners and operators have developed effective leasing systems, these systems have often struggled to achieve widespread success. The same can be said for consumer-facing loyalty apps, which have limited success due to the fact that consumers often visit multiple locations and seek out the latest attractions. As a result, mall apps have had difficulty capturing 100% of customer spend. This is why the industry is primed for a singular operating system on a global scale.

Similarly, some leasing and pop-up/short-term rental companies have created excellent operating systems, but they often miss certain aspects, excel in others, and fall short in other areas. Occupi's secret sauce is its ability to bring together retailers, both short and long-term, and landlords into a single, overarching digital platform that operates on a global basis. This approach is similar to what would make a global mall loyalty scheme successful - it knows no boundaries and provides a singular, all-encompassing platform for retailers and landlords alike.

“We are creating the future by building the future, its time to disrupt the retail property industry within a merged digital and physical ecosystem”

Anthony Esper, Co-Founder


Our Customer Strategy


We remain curious and open to listening to each other and our customers with a Positive attitude and desire to improve ourselves and our platform.


We seek a positive Outcome in all of our daily interactions at every level.


We work With each other and our customers as one family, for the benefit of all.


Every team member and customer has a voice and we value every feedback.


We actively seek to develop new Relationships on a global platform that is Occupi

We Work With the Very Best

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