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A global property marketplace for the retail industry.

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Why Occupi?


Our marketplace platform not only increases visibility and transparency of vacant space globally, but also encourages cross border retail expansion of new to market brands.


Occupi is accelerating real asset growth by activating space, reducing vacancy and driving efficiency.


Uncover new synergies and strengthen relationships between brands and landlords.

Global Retail

Meeting the pace of change.

The traditional retail leasing process has barely changed in the past fifty years, therefore the time is ripe for something new. As the pandemic ushered in a new level of digital enablement in both retail and malls, the lease process has been slow to adapt.

Lack of investment and or creativity has limited the desire to change. “We have always done it this way!” has been the rallying cry of the old school agency relationship network. However, today's traditional practices are at the wrong end of history, and whilst still has some limited value, need to change.

Malls are evolving faster than ever – driven by consumer behavior, therefore owners and operators are feeling the pressure to stay relevant to a new generation of ‘on demand’ digital shopping. The copy paste malls of history are a dying breed and customers want more diversity, local authenticity and uniqueness to the tenant mix.

​With lease terms reducing yearly, to a current three to five years, there is a need to improve the efficiency and performance of the lease process. Mall owners and operators need to adapt to market conditions by becoming more lean & agile, whilst increasing global visibility and transparency within a digital framework. 

A Global Property Marketplace is the Future of Retail.

Europe currently has an average retail vacancy rate of 19% on the high street and 14.7% in malls, with a combined average of 17%. The average lease term is on a downward trend and is currently 3 – 5 years, the churn rate is only increasing, therefore leasing and visibility of space becomes ever more critical to landlords. The trend towards short term and “pop up” space has created a hot house of embryonic retailers, with more creative, lean and agile business models.

Consumer behavior has merged the digital and physical experience, and increased demand for locally unique and authentic brands.

The need for more diversity and individuality has moved the customer further away from copy paste malls. As a result of this trend, the demand for new innovative, interesting and also new to market brands is increasing. This is becoming one of the differentiating factors for malls who are competing for customers attention.​

“Occupi’s business model of connecting retailers looking for global expansion to major shopping centers ​
differs from current competitors — that offer  traditional brokerage services”

John Reilly - Author - The Language of Real Estate

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