Occupi is the B2B-B2C PropTech startup firm that is the self-showings technology inside our Listing and Brokerage clients’ platforms. Occupi enhances clients’ ability to attract, retain and convert prospects for residential rentals and sales. We do this through:

  • Fully integrated, self-guided tours under your brand

  • Empowerment of your technology and platforms

  • Guiding prospects seamlessly through your digital marketplace

our technology


Our API's, web modules, SDK's, and turn-key smart access integrations provide the capabilities you need to deliver a stellar self-showing experience all from within from your digital marketplace. Real-time CRM updates automate lead cycles while transactional based metrics discover key inferences and data-drive operations.

02  |  SECURE

Security is a top priority in emerging real estate showing tech, that's why we've partnered with the best in class ID verification and identity fraud detection companies to ensure exploring visitors are whom they say they are. 

03  |  EASY

Our white-label technology is built as an integration first service. Our easy to integrate services can have your platform delivering next-level showings to the market in less than 90 days.


Self-Showing Data Powers Intelligent

Real Estate More Effectively.

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We started as technologists and ended up in real estate. When our friends and loved ones working in real estate told us about their woes in showing apartments, we set out to fix the problem. Founded in 2017, we have been working at providing the best in self-showing technology to fuel the growing demand for self-service on-demand showings.


We want to help people find homes and we do that by helping our clients deliver the best self-showing experience possible. We believe in property technology innovation. Self-showings are the future. They provide an enhanced experience to the tenant or buyer and immense efficiencies to whomever is looking to lease or sell a property. The more automation, the faster transactions can occur and the more machine data can be collected. The real estate market is long overdue for a shift; self-showing technology provides this shift. 


Our self-showing lifecycle is market tested but we aren't looking to become the next best app. We help our clients to offer self-showings as a value-add service to enhance their current real estate platform. Our technology keeps leads on your sites and apps so you fully control their journey. Data streams deliver real-time lead updates and valuable metrics to your backend systems. We understand it's not a one size fits all and we're looking forward to working with your organization to deliver the best self-showing experience possible.

meet the team


Terri Murphy

President Terri Murphy Communications Inc Senior Editor- RealtyTimes/Women In Business/Women in Real Estate



Tony Small

20 Years Sales, Marketing & Product

Zillow Group / Amazon.com



Miguel Berger

Former MLS President

Real Estate Technology Founder (Voicester)

Real Estate Technology and Marketing Consultant


Anthony Esper

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

20 Years Professional Technology Experience

Enterprise IT Project Planning and Execution

[Cognizant, TATA, Optiv]


Saul Klein


Real Estate Industry Visionary and Thought Leader
Key player in moving listings to the Internet
Technology Innovator


John Riley

John Reilly is a real estate educator and one of the foremost writers of real estate materials. His national bestseller, "The Language of Real Estate", published by Dearborn Publishing, is now in its Eighth edition and selling over 125,000 copies.


Gerrit Bradley

Chief Financial Officer

30 Years Business Strategy and Management Experience

M.B.A. – University of
Southern California


159 20th Street. 1B, Brooklyn, NY 11231